How do you SAMBAZA bundles? Both PostPay and PrePay customers can transfer data bundles to each other using the SAMBAZA Bundles service.

To SAMBAZA Dial *544# then choose Sambaza Internet to use the service.

One can send a minimum of 5 MB Sambaza Bundles. The smallest MB balance that should remain on your account once you Sambaza is 5 MB.

Also 10 MB is the maximum Sambaza bundles at one go that one can send and the maximum daily amount is 20MB.

You can Sambaza Bundles up to 2 times daily and a maximum of 20 times monthly for data amounts between 5MB & 20MB.

How do you SAMBAZA bundles?

Dial *544# then choose Sambaza Internet.

Now put the amount of Internet data bundles to Sambaza and finish by putting the mobile number you want to Sambaza Bundles to.

Please Note:

  1. Daily data bundles and Free (Promotional) data bundles can not be transferred
  2. You can not send back bundles sent to the wrong numbers
  3. Only customer PostPay numbers can Sambaza while company PostPay numbers can not Sambaza but only receive.
  4. Safaricom bundles once bought can not be sold.


Sambaza Bundles transfers have been limited to 20MB a day from 999MB by Safaricom.

“Any data bundle not used within its validity time will be deleted and will not be available for use,”. As a rule Safaricom says

It is not possible to add the expiry time by buying new bundles.

The new rules also limit sending of data bundles between customers to a maximum of 10MB per transaction and only two transactions (20MB) in a day.

In January, Safaricom reduced the limit on the number of times one SIM card can Sambaza bundles in a month from 50 to 20.

Seems like the move was aimed at controlling a growing black-market that was reselling cheaper data bundles, popularly known as “Safaricom bundles mwitu”.

“Bundles mwitu” sellers in Kenya have reduced considerably because of the bundle limits introduced by Safaricom.