Water Rationing schedule has been released effective as of 1st January 2017, by the Nairobi Water Company.

In December 2016 the Nairobi Water company announced a shortage in the capacity of water in the 33 cubic meter Ndakaini dam, the main reservoir that serves 85 per cent of Nairobi’s water. The dam is currently at 40 per cent capacity, which is disturbing.

Philip Gichuki the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company managing director, said the water rationing exercise is expected to be continue until the beginning of the long rains in March.

Nairobi Water Rationing Schedule 2017

Nairobi Water Rationing Schedule 2017

“We have been forced to reduce the number of distribution. If an estate was receiving water for four days we will be forced to reduce it to three days and those receiving for five days will now get water for four days,” Gichuki said

Below is the current Nairobi Water Rationing Program as of 1st January 2017

MON 9:00AM TO TUE 12:00PMRiverside ( Ring Road to Chiromo )
TUE 12:00PM TO WED 12:00PMRiverside (Ring Road to Imperial Bank)
WED 12:00PM TO THU 12:00PMRiverside (Imperial Bank to Kirichwa Groove)
THU 12:00PM TO FRI 12:00PMRiverside (Kirichwa Groove to Riverside 86 Drive)
FRIDAY 12:00PM TO SAT 12:00PMRiverside (Riverside 86 Drive to Riverside lane)
SAT 12:00PM TO SUN 12:00PMRiverside (Riverside Lane to Germany Embassy)
SUN 12:00PM TO MON 9:00AMRiverside (Germany Embassy to Strathmore School)
TUE 12:00PM TO FRI 12:00PMJacaranda Rd, Muthangari Gardens, Gitanga Rd, Muthangari Close,
Vanga Rd
TUE 7.00AM TO TUE 3.00PMMbaazi Rd, Upper Kunde, Masanduku Lane, Leloghi Gardens
WED 12:00PM TO SUN 12:00PMPart of King’ara Rd( Gitanga –King’ara Rd Junction to Mbaazi Rd)
FRI 3.00PM TO SAT 7.00AMUpper Hundred Avenue
FRI 12:00PM TO SUN 12:00PMPart of Oledume Rd(from Mararo Rd to Oledume Rd and Environs)
SAT 7.00AM TO SUN 7.00AMKorosho rd, Lower Hundred Avenue
SUN 7:00 AM TO WED 7.00AMLower Kunde Rd
MON 9:00 AM TO SUN 9:00 AMMandera Rd, Gem Lane, Dik Dik Lane, Othaya Rd, Kenya High
School and Environs
TUE 10.00 AM TO FRI 10.00 AMSuguta Rd, Mazeras Rd, Mbooni Rd, Parts of Othaya Rd
WED 9:00 AM TO SUN 12:00PMUpper Laikipia Rd, Kasuku Centre, Kileleshwa Police Station and
Environs, Githuguri Rd, Tebere Rd and Environs
THU 12:00PM TO FRI 9.00AMGichugu Rd
MON 9:00 AM TO FRI 4:00 PMLenana Rd, Chaka Rd, Kindaruma Rd, Chania Rd, Wood Avenue,
Jabavu Rd, Mtito Andei Rd, Woodland Lane, Hurlighum Shopping
Centre, Parts of Argwings Kodhek Rd, Tigoni Rd, Timau Rd, Kasuku
MON 7:00 AM TO TUE 7.00 AMPart of Argwings Kodhek Rd (Oledume Rd to Elgeyo Marakwet Rd),
Ndemi Rd, Elgeyo Marakwet Rd, Kilungu Rd, Elgeyo North Rd, Parts
of Kilimani Rd (Oledume Rd to Elgeyo Marakwet Rd)
TUE 7.00AM TO THU 7.00 AMParts of Kilimani Rd (Elgeyo Marakwet Rd –Menelik Rd),Lower
Muringa Rd, Part of Riara Rd(from Kingara Rd to Makindi Rd)
SUN 8:00 AM TO TUE 8:00 AMRiara Rd (from Makindi Rd to Oledume Rd)
MON 9:00 AM TO SUN 4:00 PMParts of Ngong Rd(From City Mortuary to Muchai Drive), Forces
MON 9:00 AM TO TUE 9:00AMKabarnet Rd and Environs, Parts of Ngong Rd(from Muchai Drive
to Ngong Hills Hotel), Parts of Adams Arcade, Part Woodley and
Environs, Ngumo West, Golf Course I & II, Ngumo Nera
MON 4:00 P.M TO TUE 8:00 AMLangata Barracks & Environs
TUE 9:00 AM TO WED 9:00 AMFort Jesus, Parts of Woodley, Toi Environs, Parts of Jamuhuri II
TUE 9:00 AM TO THUR 12:00PMKibera Lindi, Kambi Muru, Silanga, Parts of Gatwekera, Kibera Plaza
and Environs, Makina and Environs
WED 6:00 PM TO THU 7:00 AMJamuhuri I
THU 10:00 AM TO TUE 9:00 AMOlympic, Kibera Kianda, Part of Gatwekera, Parts of Ayani, Karanja
Rd Environs, Kibera Mwembeni and Makongeni Environs, Parts of
Muchai Drive, Golf Club
SUN 9:00 AM TO TUE 9:00 PMParts of Ayany, Parts of Jamhuri II
SAT 8.00 AM TO SUN 8.00 AMHighrise( Blocks regulated within)
SUN 4:00 PM TO THU 4:00 PMForces Memorial, Mbagathi Hospital & Environs
FRI 9.00AM TO SAT 8.00AMRaila Decanting site
FRI 9:00 AM TO FRI 2:00PMWest Park Police
SAT 12:00PM TO SUN 9:00AMNairobi Dam I, Airport View Estate, Blue Sky ,Jonathan Gloag, Nairobi
West Prison, Thomas Barnados
SUN 4:00PM TO TUE 12:00PMMaasai, Uhuru Gardens, Southlands, Civil Servant, Jonathan Ngeno,
Onyonka, Parts of Rubia, Ngei II, NHC& Environs, Breeze and
Environs, Chelsea Marina
TUE 12:00PM TO WED 12:00PMParts of Rubia, Royal Park, Upper Southlands
WED 4.00PM TO THU 9.00AMSunvalley I, KMA, Kianda Close, St. Mary’s & Environs, Langata Prisons
THU 9.00 AM TO SAT 9.00AMNgei I
TUE 9.00AM TO WED 9.00AMOtiende
THU 3:00 PM TO FRI 9:00 AMNairobi Dam II Estate
WED 6:00PM TO THU 7:00AMUshirika Road, Kongoni, Parts of Upper Koitobos, Upper Twiga.
THU 7:00AM TO 6:00PMLower Lamwia Road, Dik Dik Lane, Parts of Koitobos Road, Upper
Maasai West Road, Maasai Lane Maasai Road.
WED 12:00PM TO WED 6.00PMLower Milima Rd, Simba Hills, Mbagathi Lane, Lower Masai West,
Upper Ushirika
THU 6:00PM TO FRI 7:00AMKoitobos Road, Gogo Falls, Giraffe Centre, Giraffe Mania, Park Place ,
Tumbili Road.
FRI 7:00AM TO 6:00 PMUpper Milima Road and Upper Lamwia Road.
FRI 6:00 PM TO SAT 8:00 AMNzohe Rd,
FRI 6:00 PM TO SUN 7:00 AMPart of Bongani, Kasuku Close, Kasuku Drive, Kwarara Rd, Maasai
SAT 8:00AM TO 6:00PMMarula Lane, Ndege Road, Lower and Upper Karen Road, Lower
Karen Plains, Karen Ridge.
SAT 6:00PM TO SUN 7:00AMHill Crest, Ndege Road, Parts of Silanga, Marist, Lale House, Karen
Hospital, Kumbe Rd, Comboni Rd
SUN 7:00AM TO 6:00PMLangata Road, Langata South Road, Mukoyeti West, Mukoyeti
East, Mukoyeti Road, Bogani East Road, Muiri Lane, Forest Edge,
Mukinduri Road, Muricho Road, Mukoma Road, Kisembe East,
Magadi Road, Ndorobo Road, Kikeni Road, Ndovu Road, Kifaru Road,
Tandara Road, Mutamaiyo, Mundenderu Road, Kikeni Close, Kuwinda
Road, Kufuga Road, Korongo Rd, Ndege Road, Upper Kwarara, Swara
Lodge Environs,Quere Lane
MON 7:00AM TO 6:00PMOlolua, Dagoretti Road, Windy Ridge, Kerarapon, Rhino Park, Warai
North, Warai South, Three Dee Lane, Mutero Rise, Mwitu Rd, Jogoo
Rd, Ngong View, KCB
MON 6:00PM TO TUE 7:00AMNdege Road, Ndege Lane, Ndege Road 58.
TUE 7:00AM TO WED 9:00AMChui Lane, Lower Twiga Hill, Parts of Koitobos.
MON 7:00AM TO THU 7:00AMUpper Kufuga
THU 7:00AM TO FRI 7:00AMLower Kufuga, Don Bosco School and Environs
SAT 6:00PM TO SUN 6:00PMForest Lane and Environs.
SUN 6:00PM TO MON 6:00PMUpper Mbagathi Ridge (Marula Lane, Mbagathi Ridge junction
towards Borehole)
MON 6:00PM TO TUE 6:00PMUpper Mbagathi Ridge (areas adjacent to the Borehole)
TUE 6:00PM TO WED 6:00PMPellissoli Road
WED 6:00PM TO THU 6:00PMMbagathi Ridge (Between Forest Lane and GSU quarters)
THU 6:00PM TO FRI 6:00PMLower Mbagathi Ridge (between GSU quarters and Karen Road
Mbagathi Ridge junction)
FRI 6:00PM TO MON 6:00PMMiotoni West Road, Miotoni Road, Nandi Road
MON 6:00PM TO THU 6:00PMLower Karen Road, World Vision
MON & THUR 8:00AM – 8:00PMBishop Road, Upper Hill, Capital Hill
MON 6:00PM-6:00AMSouth C Environs, Mugoya, Halai, Amana, Kewi, Green Estate, Leeks
Court, Sakaso, Ash Gate, Ruby Estate , Asilia, Ridge View 1&2, Parts
Of Leeban, Five Star, Parkview Apartments, Upper Akiba United,
Parts Of Nairobi West
MON 9:00 AM-THURS 9:00 P.MCity Centre, Ngara Area, Forest Rd, Desai Rd, Kipande Rd, Limuru Rd,
Muranga Rd, Park Rd, Nairobi West And The Environs
MON 9:00 AM- MON 4:00PM
TUE 9:00 AM-WED4:00PM
Makongeni, Kaloleni
TUE 8:00AM-6:00PMNHC , Nairobi West, Heshima Gardens, Akila 1, Space Apartments,
Wilson Airport, Lower Akiba United, Parts of Monali, Midland & Civil
WED 8:00AM – 8:00PMMadaraka and Siwaka
WED 4:00PM –THUR 8:00AMSouth B & Environs, Amboseli, Highway, Friends Court, Cinnamon,
St James, Real Estate, Akiba Bellevue, St. James Hospital, Amboseli
Estates, Balozi, Joakim, Kariba, Plainsview, River Bank, Golden Gate,
Nhc Houses, Kptc Staff Houses, Highway Estate, Hazina and their
adjacent areas
THURS 6:00PM – 6:00AMChina Gardens, Phenom, Rivonia
THUR 4:00 P.M-SUN 4:00 P.MFunguo Estate, Parts Of Akila 2 & Environs
FRI 6:00AM – 9:00PMLeeban Estate
SUN 6:00AM – 9:00PMRangers Court, Midland, Monali
MON 9:00A.M-MON 4:00 P.M
TUE 8:00 A.M-WED 4:00 P.M
KPA Flats, Enterprise Rd, Addis Ababa Rd, Busia Rd, Lusaka Rd, Dakar
Rd, Dar es Salaam Rd, Funzi Rd, Homa Bay Rd, Isiolo Rd, Jirore Rd,
Kampala Rd, Likoni Rd, Dunga Rd, Commercial Street, Bunyala Rd, &
Environs, parts of Diamond Park
24/7 ***Kenyatta Hospital & Environs, Nairobi Hospital & Environs, Mamlaka
Rd Environs,Valley Rd Environs
SUN 8:00A.M-MON 4:00 P.M
TUE 9:00AM – WED 4:00 P.M
THU 8:00A.M-SAT 4:00 P.M
Industrial Area comprising parts of Nanyuki Road, Lunga Lunga road,
Likoni Road, Mukuru, Sameer Industrial Park, Kuguru Foods, Tetra
pak, parts of Enterprise Road, Road C, Imara Daima, Villa Franca,
GM, Eagle Estate, behind Excel Chemicals, Spinners,
Simba Villa (KCB) Estate, Embakasi Village, North Airport Road, AA,
Mbotela Estate & Environs
SUN 8:00 A.M TO MON 8:00A.MPlot 10 and Adjacent Environs, Honey Sucker, Transami Environs
FRI 9:00AM TO MON 8:00AMUmoja 1, Umoja Innercore, Tena
MON 8:00AM TO TUE 8:00AMOld and New Donholm, Sunrise Estate, Savannah, Green Fields,
Tassia, Nyayo Embakasi and Fedha, Sango, Parts of Umoja
MON 8:00 A.M TO WED 5:00P.MDonholm Phase 5 & 8, Oyster Village & Its Environs
TUE 8:00AM TO WED 6:00 AMParts of Lunga Lunga Road, Ibera Africa, Nanyuki Rd Environs
WED 6:00AM TO THUR 6:00PMTassia and Nyayo Embakasi
WED 6:00PM TO FRI 8:00AMOld and New DonHolm, Sunrise Estate, Savannah, Green Fields,
Tassia, Nyayo Embakasi and Fedha
TUE 8:00 AM TO THUR 8:00AMUmoja 2, Umoja zone 8, Nasra, Jacaranda, Greenspan and Soweto
& Environs
WED 5:00P.M TO SAT 8:00AMKomarock Phase 1-5, Kayole Estate and Environs
SAT 8:00AM TO MON 8:00AMBaraka Estate, Harambee Sacco & Environs
SUN 8:00AM TO MON 8:00 AMKomarock East and Its Environs
MON 9:00AM TO TUE 8:00AMMuhuri Muchiri and Its Environs, Ruai Police, Upper Ruai & its
WED 8:00AM TO THU 8:00AMKamulu, Stage 26 and its Environs
THU 8:00 A.M TO FRI 8:00 A.MHighway Estate, Acacia & Environs
FRI 8:00AM TO SAT 8:00AMUtawala, Capital Hill, Njiru, Cheli Cheli, Hurligham – Kangundo
Road, Mihango and it Environment, Chokaa
SAT 8:00AM TO MON 8:00AMRuai, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Gituamba, Gatuoro and its
24/7 ***JKIA, Cocacola(Embakasi), APTC, GSU & Environs,
EPZ(Athi River)
MON 8:00A.M-WED 4:00 P.M
TUE 9:00AM – WED 4:00 P.M
THU 8:00A.M-SAT 4:00 P.M
Gikomba, Shaurimoyo, Bahati, Kimathi, Maringo, California,
THU 8AM-FRI 6PMMakadara and hamza area
FRI.6.00 P.M TO MON. 8.00AMBuruburu Phase 4&5 part of phase 3
MON.7.00AM TO WED.9.00AMBuruburu 1, 2 and parts of phase 3, Kariobagi South & North,
Outering road
WED.6.00PM TO FRI.4.00PMBuruburu 1, 2 and parts of phase 3, Kariobagi South & North
,Outering road
SAT 6.00 P.M TO THU 8.00 AMDandora Phase 4, Kwa Mwenje, Parts of Lucky Summer
WED 9:00 A.M TO TUE 8:00 A.MChokaa, Tuskys & Environs
SAT.8.30.AM TO MON. 8.30 AMStarehe, Kariokor, Race Course, Pumwani, Ushirika, Parts of Eastleigh, Jerusalem Jericho, Harambee, Uhuru, Kiambiu
SUN. 9.00AM TO MON. 9.00AMKangundo Road Industries, Saika Estate and Estates along
Kangundo Road, Njiru and Environs
24/7 ***Pumwani & Environs, Parts of Kariokor, Parts of Race Course,
Babadogo & Ruaraka industries, Korogocho, Kariadudu, Dandora 1, 2
,3 & 5, Parts of Lucky Summer
MON 9:00 A.M TO THU 8:00P.MCity Park Estate, Desai Road, Railway Quarters Ngara, City Park
Market, Jamhuri High School , and Environs
MON 9:00 A.M TO TUE 9:00A.MParts of Gumba Estate
TUE 9:00 A.M TO THU 9:00 AM
SAT 9:00 A.M TO MON 9:00 A.M
Brookside, Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari, Parts of Mwihoko,
Githurai 45, Clay Works, and Environs
TUE 8:00 A.M TO WED 8:00 A.MSportsview ,Sports Drive, KISE and Seasons, ICIPE, Clay City, Kasarani
Police, and Environs
SAT 9:00 AM TO MON 9:00 A.MMlango Kubwa, Pangani, Juja Road, Huruma, Ngei Estate I & II,
Mathari Mental Hospital, Mathare Police Depot, Kosovo Estate
SAT 9:00 A.M TO MON 9:00 A.MThome 1 to 5, Garden Estate, Windsor Hotel, Balozi, Muthaiga North,
Pipeline Estate, Ridgeways, Hardrock Estate, Castle Inn, GSU, Old
Muthaiga, and Environs
SAT 9:00 A.M TO MON 9:00 A.M
WED 9:00 A.M TO FRI 9:00 A.M
Hunters, Santon, Mwiki, Gituamba, Maji Mazuri, Mwanamukia,
Chieko, Karura, Chicken farm, Mutirithia 1&2, Manguo, Mwihike, Clay
works, Progressive, Mwiki
SAT 9:00 A.M TO MON 9:00 A.M
WED 8:00 A.M TO THU 8:00A.M
Zimmermann, Githurai 44, Kiamumbi and Environs
THU 9:00 A.M TO SAT 9:00 A.MRunda Evergreen, Runda Meadows, Runda Flame tree up to Boabab
street and Githogoro Estates and environs, Kugeria, Thindigua and
SUN 9:00 A.M TO 9:00 A.MThome Marurui, Mugomoini, USIU area, Central Glass, Lumumba
drive,Mirema drive ,and Environs
24/7 ***Mathare 1-4, Mashimoni, NYS ,Drive Inn Environs, Kenya School of
Monitory Studies & Environs, Survey of Kenya & Environs, Utalii Hotel
& Environs, Dela Rue, Kenya police traffic HQ, Queen of Apostle,
Radio Waumini & Environs, Sports Complex, Kenya Breweries, Parts
of Gumba, NSIS HQ
24/7 ***KU, Kahawa Barracks, Parts of Kahawa West , Kahawa Soweto &
24/7 ***Runda Mimosa, Gigiri, Whispers, Limuru Road, UNEP, and environs
MON 8.A.M-THU 8 A.MMuthithi Gardens, Kiambu Institute and Environs
THU 9:00 A.M TO SAT 9:00AMAreas served by Ngethu off takes under Kiambu Water Co. and
Githunguri Water Company.
THU 9:00 A.M TO SAT 9:00AMSasumua off takes under Karuri Water Co., Kiambu Water Co. and
Githunguri Water Co.
Every day
11:00AM to 8:00PM
Loresho Kaumoni, Loresho Eye Hospital, Mukabi, Shinyalu, Kabete Campus,
Kibagare, Upper & Lower Loresho Cresent and Environs
Mon 9:00AM to Sat 9:00 AMLake View, Hill View, Ngecha Rd, KIA, International School, New Kitisuru and
parts of lower Kabete Rd and Environs.
Mon 9:00AM to Sat 6:00 PMKyuna, Kibagare, Spring Valley, Thigiri Ridge, Rosellyne Gardens, Limuru Rd,
New Muthaiga, Nyari and environs, parts of Lower Kabete Rd, Kabete Campus
and Environs.
Mon 12:00AM to Sun 9:00 AMParklands 1- 6th Parklands Rd i.e. Ngao Rd, Wangapala Rd, Suswa Rd, Presidential Escort, Highridge, Iregi Rd & Kusi Lane, Mwambao Rd, Mbatu Mbatu, Masari Rd among others in Parklands
Mon 9:00AM to Thurs 9:00 AMLower Waiyaki Way Residents i.e. Westlands Rd, Ring Rd, Parklands Rd, Muthithi Rd, Chiromo Lane, Pio Gama Pinto, Ojijo Rd, Tausi Lane, Forest Rd, Mtama Rd, Mpaka Rd, Githuri Rd, Westlands and Environs.
Thurs 10:00 AM to Sat 12:00 PMUpper Waiyaki Way, Upper Raphta Rd Environs i.e. Fox Close, Mangu Gardens,
Pili Pili Way, Church Rd, Terrace Close, Mahiga Mairu, St. Michael Rd, Muthangari Drive and the Environs.
Sat 12:00 AM to Mon 12:00 AMUpper Waiyaki Way, Lower Raphta Rd Environs. i.e. East Church Road, Mvuli Rd,
Sports Rd, Westlands Avenue, David Osiele Rd and its Environs.
Mon 12:00 PM to Thur 12:00 PMLower Waiyaki way, Lantana Rd, Ring Rd, Sports Rd, Westlands Avenue, David Osiele Rd, Areas around Rehema House, behind Consolata and Environs.
Wed 10:00 AM to Mon 10:00 AM2nd Parklands from Mpaka Road and Masari Road
Sat 10:00 AM to Mon 10:00 AMEast Church Rd., 77, Pearls and Environs.
Sat 10:00 AM to Sun 12:00 PMGem Court, Pride Inn and Environs.
Mon 12:00 PM to Tue 10:00 AMLower East Church Rd and Lower Raphta Rd.
Mon 9:00 AM to Thurs 9:00 AMLower Gen. Mathenge (Between Peponi Rd and Ring Rd) Environs
Thurs 10:00 AM to Mon 10:00 AMUpper Gen. Mathenge (between Peponi rd & Lower Kabete Rd) i.e. Donyo Sabuk environs, Lower Kabete Lane and Parts of Peponi Rd and Peponi Groove
Mon 9:00 AM to Thurs 9:00 AMUpper Brookside (From Waiyaki Way to Brookside Junction) i.e. Brookside Junction & Environs, Muguga Green, Brookside Gardens and its Environs.
Thurs 9:00 AM to Mon 9:00 A.MLower Brookside i.e. From Brookside Junction to Lower Kabete Rd Environs
Sun 10:00 AM to Mon10:00 AMUpper Kabarsiran and its Environs i.e. Tamarind Gardens, Elite Gardens, Jipe Close, Millie Court, Krishna Heights and Areas around Musa Gitau Rd
Mon 10:00 AM to Sun 10:00 AMLower Kabarsiran and its Environs i.e. Kabarsiran Close, Manyani East & West,
Parts of James Gichuru Rd and its Environs.
Mon 10:00 AM to Thur 10:00 AMLower Kabarsiran and its Environs i.e. Kabarsiran Close, excluding Manyani East & West, Parts of James Gichuru Rd and its Environs.
Mon 6:00 AM to Sun 6:00 AM (Everyday)James Gichuru Rd and Environs, Mbambane Rd, Chalbi Drive Oleguruone, Convent Drive, Amboseli Rd and Environs
Wed 1:00 PM to Sun 1:00 PMHatheru Rd and its Environs, Riara Rd and its Environs, King’ara Rd, King’ara Close, Mbaazi,
Tue 9:00 AM to Thurs 6:00 PMMountain View, Kangemi, Water Front, Loresho Springs and Environs.
Tue 4:00 AM to Tue 5:00 PMNyakinyua Rd, Lower Kabiria, Wanyee Close, Ngotho Rd, Lepic School,
Parts of Kikuyu Rd, Satellite.
Tue 5:00 PM to Wed 4:00 PMNaivasha rd, Ngong rd, Dagoretti Corner, Santack Estate, Suna 1&2, Riara rd, Kombo and Environs and Ngando
Wed 5:00 PM to Thurs 6:00 PMKawangware, Gitanga Rd, Laxmi, Muthiora Rd, Kabiru Rd, Salim Rd, Gitanga Hillcourt, Sunset Villas, Thompson Estate and Environs.
Thur 12:00 PM to Sun 12:00 PMKagira, Kagondo, Muhuri Rd, Upper Kabiria, Mithonge, Kamwanya, Kahuho Rd, Ngina Rd, Kikuyu Rd, Waithaka, Dwaru Rd.
Thurs 6:00 PM to Fri 6:00 PMUpper Waithaka, Gachui, Kirigo, Dagoretti Market and Mariguini
Sun 12:00 PM to Thurs 12:00 PMKiuru, Muthua, Kinoo , 87, Uthiru Shopping Centre and Environs
Tue 10:00 AM to Thur 12:00 PMNITD, Uthiru, Waiyaki Way, Around Triton Petrol Station
Wed 1:00 PM to SUN 1:00 PMParts of King’ara Rd, Hatheru Rd, Gitanga Rd-Gitanga Estate and Mukiri Rd
Thur 6:00 PM to Mon 6:00 PMMukiri rd, Mutego, Mutuini and Environs

Ndakaini dam has received 250mm of rain as compared to the 1,000mm usually experienced during the same period.

*** Critical infrastructures and select areas that will NOT experience the water rationing are:- the Kenyatta Hospital & Environs, Nairobi Hospital & Environs, Mamlaka Rd Environs,Valley Rd Environs, JKIA, Cocacola(Embakasi), APTC, GSU & Environs, EPZ (Athi River), Pumwani & Environs, Parts of Kariokor, Parts of Race Course, Babadogo & Ruaraka industries, Korogocho, Kariadudu, Dandora 1, 2, 3 & 5, Parts of Lucky Summer, Mathare 1-4, Mashimoni, NYS ,Drive Inn Environs, Kenya School of Monitory Studies & Environs, Survey of Kenya & Environs, Utalii Hotel & Environs, Dela Rue, Kenya police traffic HQ, Queen of Apostle, Radio Waumini & Environs, Sports Complex, Kenya Breweries, Parts of Gumba, NSIS HQ, KU, Kahawa Barracks, Parts of Kahawa West , Kahawa Soweto & Environs, Runda Mimosa, Gigiri, Whispers, Limuru Road, UNEP, and environs.

Nairobi Water Rationing Ndakaini Dam

Nairobi Water Rationing due to low water levels at the Ndakaini Dam in Thika.