Mpesa Reversal for Money Sent to a Wrong Number is now possible by simply sending the transaction message to the number 456 and Safaricom will take care of the rest.

Immediately you realise you have sent Mpesa to unintended recipient, you have to do this quite fast to have a better chance of getting your cash back.

As soon as you send the transaction message to Safaricom using 456 to request the Mpesa reversal, the cash transfer will be suspended as long as it’s done in good time.


If this has happen to you, before you even continue reading this, kindly send the Mpesa transaction message to 456 NOW; Safaricom customer care representatives will in two hours confirm, from the sender and recipient (you) that the transaction was erroneous and then reverse the transaction where there is no dispute.

Mpesa Reversal for Money Sent to a Wrong Number

Mpesa Reversal for Money Sent to a Wrong Number


Safaricom processes more than 500 MPesa transactions per second, so you can imagine the number of Mpesa reversal sent to a wrong number must be high.

The introduction of a service called “Hakikisha” has really helped. This service enables customers a 15 second window to confirm the name of the intended recipient through a pop up on their mobile phones just before they complete the Mpesa transaction.

Hakikisha was introduced to help reduce the number of Mpesa Reversal text and calls Safaricom was getting from its customer who had suffered from sending Mpesa to the wrong number.

Unfortunately in Kenya when you Mpesa someone wrongly, most people will quickly withdraw the cash sent and switch off their phone. Some would even rather withdraw and remove the sim card, never to use again for as little as Ksh1,000.

Mpesa reversal requests remain a big problem for Mpesa customers and Safaricom who receives over 10,000 daily calls from customers seeking transaction reversals.


Have you sent Money Sent to a Wrong Number using Mpesa? Get in touch with Safaricom immediately after sending the transaction message to 456 and Safaricom will be able to help you get an Mpesa Reversal.