Mpesa Calculator 2018 gives you the transaction cost rates and Mpesa charges used by Safaricom.


Put the desired cash amount on the first input box below to get the cost of your Mpesa transaction. We will give you the cost of the following:-
1. Mpesa Sending charges to an Mpesa Registered User.
2. While sending cash to an Unregistered Mpesa the second field will give you the sending charges.
3. Withdrawal charges when withdrawing MPESA from an Mpesa Agent.
4. The cost to Withdraw MPESA from an ATM.
5. The minimum balance you need in your MPesa Account to complete the wanted transaction.
6. The maximum amount you can withdraw from an Mpesa Agent for the amount you entered.
7. The suggested minimum balance you need on your Mpesa account for you to transact the amount entered.
8. Finally the suggested Send Amount including “ile ya kutowa” the withdrawing charges to the person you are sending to.

Mpesa Calculator

Mpesa Calculator

Find the Mpesa charges 2018 on the boxes below the first input box on the MPESA COST CALCULATOR.

MPesa Cost Calculator 2018 automatically shows the Safaricom MPesa Charges.

Most of all the costs for sending money to a Registered MPesa user using Mpesa, are given using Safaricom’s up to date MPesa rates.

First of all, the cost to Send money to an unregistered user is higher than when sending cash to a registered user. Furthermore it is wise to always send cash to registered Mpesa user, since this will save you money and it is also more safe.

The cost of sending cash to unregistered user is set high, due to an effort to reduce money laundering by orders required on mobile money transactions from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

The maximum amount you can send to an unregistered user using MPesa is KSh35,000.

Both registered and unregistered MPesa users can withdraw money sent to them from any MPesa Agent anywhere in Kenya. The smallest amount any user can withdraw is KSh50. In addition MPesa fees for agent withdrawals are the same for both registered and unregistered users.

The cost to Withdraw from say Pesapoint or Equity Bank ATM rather vary from one ATM to the next on each transaction.

In conclusion, we hope the Mpesa Calculator 2018 is helpful to you.

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Mpesa Calculator 2018