How do I buy Safaricom Internet bundles? This can be done either by using your Safaricom phone or through the internet using your Safaricom dongle.

Customers can buy Safaricom Internet bundles using their phone. Dial *544# and press call. You will be presented with the menu below.

1: Daily Bundles
2: Buy 30 Day 1GB @ 500/-
3: Buy 7 Day Bundle
4: Buy 30 Day Bundle
5: My Data Manager
6: Okoa Bundles
7: Check Bundle Balance
98: MORE

How do I buy Safaricom Internet bundles

How do I buy Safaricom Internet bundles

Now choose your desired option by pressing the corresponding number of your choice. For  example if you would like to buy Safaricom Internet Bundle to last you for 30days then you will press number 4 as your choice and press SEND.

Once you have pressed SEND you will be presented with an additional Safaricom Bundles option for 30 days as shown below.

30 Day Bundles
1: 12GB @ Sh3000
2: 7.5GB @ Sh2000
3: 3GB @ Sh1000
4: 1GB @ Sh500
5: 350MB @ Sh25

One of the most popular plan is the 3GB Safaricom Internet Bundles. To Buy this Data plan, you will need to choose option 3 (#GB @ Sh 1000) by pressing 3 and click SEND to select.

Safaricom Bundles for the 3GB can now be paid for using the Pay with either option as seen below

Pay with either
1: Airtime

This gives you a choice to either pay using the credit you have on your Airtime or by the funds that are currently available on your MPESA.

You can now pay by MPESA which is the most popular payment option. A last option of entering your MPESA pin will be presented to you as shown below.

Enter your Service PIN. (Forgot PIN? Answer with 0)

Once the correct MPESA PIN has been entered, you will get a confirmation of your purchased Safaricom Internet Bundles package from Safaricom confirming your Data Bundle size and duration.

Always remember going online without purchasing Safaricom internet bundles may cost you more.