Google Mpesa Payment now enabled on Play Store


Google Mpesa Payment enabled on Google Play Store

Google Mpesa Payment has been enabled on Google Play Store to allow Kenyans pay for Apps using Mpesa payment.

Before, customers could only pay using credit cards, which most Kenyans don’t have.

“Carrier billing is very important to the developer ecosystem in markets where credit card is very low.

“With this partnership, MPesa will play a critical role in the app ecosystem,” said Mahir Sahin, head of Android partnerships in Africa for Google.

Google Play is now one of the first among global e-commerce sites to adapt to Mpesa mobile money payment with the introduction of Google Mpesa Payment.

Standard MPesa PayBill transaction Mpesa charges will apply on the payment option that was integrated into Google Play by DOCOMO Digital, a firm that is owned by Japan’s largest mobile operator.

Limited payment gateways has been one of the main challenges facing Kenyans looking to buy goods and services from international e-commerce firms that only accept card payments.

Google Mpesa Payment is a significant breakthrough, even though paid apps make up only six percent of apps on Google Play store.

With the introduction of Google Mpesa Payment on Google Play store, there is still a huge gap of local developers looking to develop and sell their apps through the platform.

Google does not allow for registration of merchant accounts from Kenya, which is required if you want to sell on Play store.

Safaricom says that integrating MPesa into Google Play is part of its larger objectives to evolve the service well beyond the foundational money transfer offering.

Safaricom has been working to increase the use of Mpesa beyond just the sending and receiving of cash, with introduction of MPesa for payments in the physical and virtual world.

The latest such move, the company launched the MPesa 1Tap service which uses Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology to make it easier and faster to complete payments.

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